Create the body you love and keep it! - Six Week Live Group Coaching Session $279

Module One- .Tell the story of your weight and connect with emotional healing.

Module Two - Discover top five common emotions that keep the weight on.

Module Three- Emotional clearing of most common negative beliefs around weight issues. 

Module FourTake ownership of your new way of thinking.

Module FiveCreate momentum of your new belief system and step into action.

Module Six – Loving the new YOU

Level 2 - Six week program plus 4 @ 90 minute one on one phone coaching session’s $800 Objective- Create physiological and emotional changes of weight loss.

Level 3 - Six week program plus 6 @ 90 minute phone coaching sessions, plus 2 guided emotional and trauma releases, plus nutritional analysis and cleanse. $1200 (space is limited, advance reservations is required) Create the physiological, emotional and physical steps to a complete life transformation, with weight loss being the side effect.

Single Sessions

90 minute coaching or body session $150

120 minute coaching/emotional release session $250 (requires a 24 hour follow-up)